Mr. & Mrs. Lane | 09-19-15 | Seven19Photography | Indiana wedding Photographer

I was so touched Tabbi and Jason asked me to be apart of their *big* day. Tabbi and I go way back, we were friends in high school. We played sports together and basically grew up together. SO when she asked me to be her photographer needless to say I was excited. I was excited to see her marry her prince charming, and that he is! I asked Jason as I was leaving How he got so lucky. He looked at me with the sweetest face and said  “I do not know but i will spend the rest of my life making her happy” <3 Here are some photos from their big dayS19P0004 S19P0079 S19P0084 S19P0085 S19P0095 S19P0097 S19P0101 S19P0106 S19P0109 S19P0111 S19P0146 S19P0144 S19P0114 S19P0163 S19P0176 S19P0182 S19P0199 S19P0197 S19P0201 S19P0208 S19P0221 S19P0226 S19P0224 S19P0229 S19P0235 S19P0240 S19P0243 S19P0292 S19P0252 S19P0300 S19P0320 S19P0324 S19P0342 S19P0343 S19P0123 S19P0125 S19P0136 S19P0141 S19P0269


S19P0313 S19P0316 S19P0338

S19P0349S19P0403 S19P0405S19P0625 S19P0597S19P0612 S19P0617S19P0639-2 S19P0643S19P0648S19P0546S19P0568S19P0576S19P0583

A *huge* thank you to Tabbi & Jason for letting me be apart of your special day it truly was a beautiful day full of love and laughter <3




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