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Lydia and Matthew met two years ago on a blind date set up by his sister in law (Megan). The story is so cute actually Lydia worked with Megan and Lydia said something that reminded her of Matt. Time and time again she would mention it to Lydia and then finally at a birthday party they met and the rest is history. As a person who has known Lydia for quite sometime I can attest I have never seen her as happy as she is now. Matthew is so so good to her. When he first saw her his eyes lit up and I think he told her he loved her over 1,000 times on their wedding day. The wedding took place in Frankfort at the Baptist church and the reception at the best western in Lafayette. I absolutely loved her simple but so elegant bouquets by Heather’s flowers in Frankfort. After the wedding we drove around Frankfort bc Lydia made sure to have plenty of time for bride and groom photos. I can say I wish more brides allotted more than 30 minutes for bride and groom photos. Since she did we went to the local park and enjoyed amazing fall color and then went downtown and got a few urban photo looks.



KMP_8081 S19P0074

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S19P0311S19P0177 S19P0203 S19P0026KMP_8173S19P0055S19P0067S19P0137S19P0142S19P0122 S19P0128 S19P0169S19P0148S19P0150S19P0169


Lydia also mentioned she *loved* the stairs in from of her church so of course we shot there first <3

Lydia also mentioned she *loved* the stairs in from of her church so of course we shot there first <3

S19P0348-2 S19P0330 S19P0375-2 S19P0415 copy S19P0476 S19P0534 S19P0570-2


S19P0561 S19P0370




S19P0616 S19P0702 S19P0698 S19P0692

S19P0813 KMP_8768S19P0826

The reception was great but my FAVORITE part of the night was when the groom surprised his bride (who is a Disney fanatic) with a dance to the beauty and the beast theme song. He even changed into the signature beast suit.  *note* if you plan on surprising your bride be sure to let the photographer know 😉 😛 We were camera ready this moment was seriously breathtaking so happy with how we captured it.



KMP_8829 KMP_8830 KMP_8831

A huge thank you to Lydia and Matt for letting me be apart of your special day! Lydia you were absolutely stunning <3.

I cannot wait to see how your next chapters of life unfold.



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