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Friday, I witnessed a miracle…it was a normal day for me drop my daughter off to school and run errands. Then I get a text ‘baby is on its way’. Right then I thankfully found a sitter for my babies and I was on my way. Lowell is an hour and a half north of me, I knew I was early so I wouldn’t miss a thing. I am thankful I arrived early. I was able to get some fun photos of my baby cousin Henry before he is promoted to big brother. ((He knew something was happening)) Maeve rested on the couch listening to her birthing hypnosis songs.. staying relaxed and calm. After Henry woke up from nap he left with his grandma and then Maeve could tell things were moving. Her midwife and assistant where in their way at this point and David and I started filling up the birthing pool. Not much later Maeve’s water broke and it was go time. Thankfully the assistant and midwife arrived in the nick of time. This whole experience was so peaceful and calm, much different from any other births I have shot or experienced myself. Some calming folk music playing on pandora. Davids entire attention was on his wife making sure she had anything she needed and making sure she was OK.

Once Maeve was in the birthing-pool that’s when things starting to really go. That’s when baby started to crown..OR so we thought. Not soon after the midwife and assistant realized indeed baby was NOT crowning and that baby was breech. David and Maeve were in the zone and unaware of this I knew something was not right because the MW and Asst. where talking and whispering amongst each other.

They made the smart decision to move last min out of the pool to the floor. That is where warrior Maeve delivered safely her breach baby girl. Breech birth is SO much different from a normal birth.. once momma delivers babies legs but and arm the MW cannot really touch baby startling baby could cause her to flinch and then her head could get stuck in pelvic region. Thankfully Maeve’s MW was trained and had delivered two other breech babies prior to this one… so once she was born the Midwife cleaned up baby and handed her to Momma they at this point still have no idea what they baby is they haven’t announced it or looked. The MW told David to look and he said ‘ITS a girl!’ I instantly started crying what an emotional roller coaster. This was something I will likely NEVER see again. Only 3% of babies are actually born breech bc hospitals automatically sent mommy into C-section which was something Maeve and David did not want.




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Proud Daddy making all the important calls

Proud Daddy making all the important calls


6 pounds 11 ounces <3

6 pounds 11 ounces <3


Welcome to this crazy world Miss Fidelma. I am so honored to have photographed your amazing birth story, and blessed I get to watch you grow up. Love you sweet girl. <3




Huge thank you to Terrie and Julie for your knowledge and expertise my little cousin was born into this world safe and sound. <3
Terrie Lemley – Midwife

Julie Lentz – Doula/ student Midwife

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