Lock fall family session | 2017


Meet Mater truck-

Mater truck is my Father & Husbands newest project. But Mater was not always ours. He belonged to my Great Uncle Curtis. One of his very first dates with his wife was in this truck. We lost my Great Uncle very unexpectedly in January so once my husband and father bought mater I knew a session like THIS was going to happen. My cousins wife and I have been going back and forth about a surprise mater truck session for her husband ever since we got him “cleaned up” and running (which he hadn’t ran in 40+ years).  This session actually happened on my Great uncles birthday and his wedding anniversary it was an emotional session for all of us there. The oldest of the 4 lock boys was in shock and awe that THIS was indeed his Grandpa’s truck. See for yourself how fun this session was.





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After the session was through the oldest little boy rode with my husband back to the trailer to load mater up. He told him that “This is the best day of my life ever since I have been born.” – As a photographer this PROVES what we do is more that just pushing a button we are conserving past memories and making new ones for our clients. Photos are *so* important at the end of the day it is what we have to hold on to, to remind us of  who we loved and lost.


Thank you so much Shandi & John for allowing me to photograph your family and this session. I love you all and so thankful to call you family.



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