-Kasey & Arka-Engaged-

This couple is a special one to me (they don’t know this), but this past January I did my very first bridal show and while I was there these two came up. We chatted a little bit they looked at my books. Then they left… I turned to my assistant that day and said “gosh they are cute I hope they come back”.


oh my gosh I was floored!

These two will forever be my **VERY FIRST BRIDAL SHOW BOOKING <3**

How Arka asked:
Kasey and Arka enjoy fishing together. ((Arka has never caught a fish without Kasey)) So Arka took his (soon to be bride to be) fishing .. Once they got to the location he asked Kasey to get in to the tackle box to get the correct tackle.. BUT really the ring was there. 🙂 He also had a friend hidden in the trees taking pictures of this special moment!


Here are some pictures from our super fun Urban engagement session 🙂

LafayetteIndianaweddingphotographer6LafayetteIndianaweddingphotographer7LafayetteIndianaweddingphotographer5-^I love how Arka looks at his bride to be  <3 –LafayetteIndianaweddingphotographer2LafayetteIndianaweddingphotographer1LafayetteIndianaweddingphotographer3LafayetteIndianaweddingphotographer11indianawedding photographerLafayetteIndianaweddingphotographer8LafayetteIndianaweddingphotographer9

Thank you Kasey & Arka for an awesome engagement session and letting me be apart of your big day!! ALSO for being my first bridal show booking 🙂 <3





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