David & Maeve | wedding on the family homestead

While on *maternity* leave in between nursing baby Jack and being completely soaked into One Tree Hill, I am wanting to blog a few of my many weddings last year.

June 28th 2014 was my 26th birthday, I was also 10 weeks pregnant with our son. But most importantly it was the day my big cousin married the girl of his dreams.
Rewind 4 or 5 years I remember a heart to heart David and I had at our family thanksgiving. I was home from Oklahoma and we sat in the garage at our grandma’s and talked about life and love. How he was ready to get married and start that next chapter in his life just needed to find the right girl. At that time I don’t believe he had met Maeve yet. But I knew he would meet Miss right soon enough.
I met Maeve at Jessica (his sisters ) bridal shower. I knew then the following year we would be celebrating HIS big day!

The wedding day was perfect it DID rain… pour… hours before the ceremony. It took place at one place we all look forward to visiting. Our Grandparents house land/pond.

They both enjoy fishing and camping out by the family pond so it was a perfect fit.

Here are some pictures from their big day.






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I love my family <3

What a blessed day it was.

Thanks for reading 🙂



PS Thank you David & Maeve for letting me capture your big day! I am so excited to capture your family as it grows <3


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