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It was really a no brainer for me when I decided to do Christmas mini’s I just hoped I had enough interest in them. So I threw it out on my client page that I was thinking about it and WHOA LOTS of interest! I am so thankful for clients who trust in my *vision* They know when it comes to Christmas I don’t mess around it is MY FAVORITE time of the year. So I called around to different farms. I knew *this farm* http://www.dullstreefarm.com was the one I really wanted! With a donation to Tree’s for troops we could use their property! ((( *side note* I HIGHLY recommend IF you do the real Christmas tree thing THIS IS YOUR PLACE! Even if you do not get a real tree they have a gorgeous wreath shop and gift shop and SOOOOO many yummy goodies! #shamelessplug #ilovethisfarm )))
Now praying my clients wouldn’t bail due to a drive… I pitched it and WOW! I filled day #1 and then was begged to open day #2 and filled it the same day! So each family session ended up being 15/25 min long *still kinda chilly out so once I knew I had what I needed I let them leave*

Lets take a moment to admire this set up! I am completely *obsessed* 🙂

S19P0322 S19P0326 S19P0325

Day #1

S19P0008 S19P0066S19P0016

S19P0291-2S19P0259 S19P0272

S19P0214 S19P0173


S19P0333 S19P0357 S19P0355

S19P0373S19P0464 S19P0504 S19P0518

Day #2

S19P0050 S19P0043S19P0145S19P0220

S19P0013 1

S19P0041 1

S19P0108 1

S19P0206 1



S19P0094 1 S19P0085 1

S19P0429 S19P0495

Thank you Thank you everyone for a *super* awesome Christmas Mini weekend! Now…. should I make this an Annual event? I would love feedback!



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