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June 20th 2015 couldn’t of been more perfect. Two people who are madly in love with each other tie the knot in front of family and friends. I was so honored to be able to capture Allyson and Todd’s love at their engagement session and at their wedding. This couple made my job so *easy* they are absolutely meant to be. I loved the way Todd smiled at his bride and the way allyson would look at her groom it was something so special to witness. I can speak for everyone at the wedding it was a HOT hot day! It poured the day before most of the day and in true Indiana fashion the weather left us so worried about the day of! But *no rain* just hot and overcast! HEY! Ill take it 🙂

Here are some pictures from their *big* day!

S19P0012 S19P0056 S19P0080 S19P0074S19P0085 S19P0102 S19P0107 S19P0112S19P0157S19P0167S19P0174-2S19P0171S19P0180S19P0300S19P0335S19P0346S19P0506S19P0499S19P0493S19P0631S19P0634S19P0794S19P0746S19P0738S19P0681S19P0817S19P1014S19P1090S19P1085S19P1071S19P0352-2S19P0313S19P0309S19P0042S19P0067S19P0123S19P0118S19P0137-2

One of the *best* father daughter dances i have seen yet <3 🙂

S19P0141S19P0168S19P0155S19P0195S19P0191-2S19P0260S19P0082S19P0096S19P0099 First I want to thank everyone for being so patient. We suffered a loss in our family and we were out of town for a bit. SECONDLY and most importantly THANK YOU to ALLYSON AND TODD. It was truly a blessing to be a part of your *big* day. The love you both share is absolutely beautiful. I look forward to seeing your love grow over the years to come. Thank you for reading- xo ashley S19P0277

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